Forest ecosystem modelling


AMSIMOD (Application for the Management of SImulation MODels), a modelling software platform, was developed to facilitate the development and management of forest models. It fills a gap in modelling software, as it allows modellers or end users to integrate different types of models, such as traditional empirical growth and yield models, succession models, carbon cycle models, wood quality models or management models. Also, end-users can add extensions that may consist of analytical tools. AMSIMOD includes utilities to display simulation results on graphs or the geographic information system Quantum GIS:

AMSIMOD - Picture 1

The user's guide, which can be downloaded from this web site, explains how to install AMSIMOD and Quantum GIS and describes the functionalities of AMSIMOD. As explained in the user's guide, the first step in using AMSIMOD is to create projects that include models, input and output files and, if necessary, intervention files to simulate the effects of disturbance scenarios:

AMSIMOD - Picture 2

For the visualization of results using Quantum GIS, two plugins were developed to locate sample plots and dynamically display simulation results on digital maps. For instance, using the plugin “TimeViewer”, pie charts can be used to visualize changes in species proportions for mixed uneven-aged forests. The Figure that follows is an example for south boreal mixed forests located at the LaMauricie National Park in south-central Quebec.

AMSIMOD - Picture 3

Files to download:

  1. AMSIMOD installation file: AMSIMOD_2018-11-06.msi (Zip file, 1.46 Mb).
  2. User's guide: AMSIMOD_User_guide.pdf (PDF file, 838 Kb).
  3. Quantum GIS application (32 or 64 bits): QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.18.20-1-Setup-x86.exe (Exe file, 344 Mb) or QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.18.20-1-Setup-x86_64.exe (Exe file, 406 Mb).
  4. Plugins “Plots” and “TimeViewer” (Zip file, 1.48 Mb) for Quantum GIS. Install folders Plots and TimeViewer in “C:\Users\{username}\.qgis2\ python\plugins”.
  5. Application to create plot position files: Create_Plot_Position_Files.exe (Zip file, 25 Kb).

AMSIMOD is continuously being developed by adding new features or fixing bugs. If you wish to be kept informed on future releases or suggest ideas, please, send an email to Guy Larocque at .

Succession model ZELIG-CFS (gap type)

ZELIG-CFS is a gap type forest succession model based on the representation of the main processes that govern tree and stand growth.


ZELIG-CFS is well adapted for simulating the development of uneven-aged mixed forest types with complex structures. Input (Initialization) files to run simulations with ZELIG-CFS include species-specific ecological properties, monthly mean temperatures, monthly precipitations, soil texture, species-specific potential annual germination rate (number of seedlings/m2), and tree list of tree numbers, species code and dbh. ZELIG-CFS is of interest to any organization responsible for managing forest ecosystems.

Files to download:

  1. Executable file for ZELIG-CFS: ZELIG-CFS.exe (Zip file, 135 Kb).
  2. User's guide for ZELIG-CFS: User_guide_ZELIG_CFS.pdf (PDF file, 174 Kb).
  3. Executable file for the application to create input files: Create_InputFiles_ZELIG-CFS.exe (Zip file, 171 Kb).
  4. Executable file for the application to estimate the fertility factor: Fertility_Factor.exe (Zip file, 54 Kb).
  5. User's guide for 3 and 4: UserGuide_CreateInpFiles_ZELIG-CFS.pdf (PDF file, 320 Kb).
  6. Example of an input file for ZELIG-CFS: Input_LaMauricie_Controls_Version3.csv (Zip file, 28 Kb).
  7. Example of a project file to run ZELIG-CFS with AMSIMOD: (Pro file, 1 Kb).
  8. Examples of sample plot position files: (Zip file, 9 Kb).
  9. Library installation file to run Create_InputFiles_ZELIG-CFS.exe and Fertility_Factor.exe: setup_aplx_support_5.exe (Exe file, 5.98 Mb).

The execution of ZELIG-CFS is managed by AMSIMOD, which is a modelling software platform to manage models. This application can be downloaded from this web site.

ZELIG-CFS is continuously being developed by adding new features. If you wish to be kept informed on future releases or suggest ideas, please, send an email to Guy Larocque at .

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